King-size Oxbow Bed

The Launch is Official!!

December 5, 2014 10:39 am

Hello All,

After a very long, boring year of the same old, same old on our website with nothing changing we have finally launched a brand new site!  We had had some really great feedback about the old site so we kept the overall design very similar but have added a few handy elements.  Each furniture category now has its own photo gallery so you can see all our designs in one category at a glance.  Then you can click through for more information on each design.    Also our blog is now fully integrated into the site so I am going to be able to entertain you frequently about the crazy happenings at the studio.

I really wanted to get the new site live so I am still working on filling in all the descriptive info so please come back and see us frequently!  More photos, more copy to come and a new adoptee each month.

And on a different note, here is a wonderful new bed design we just finished up this week.  Made from African Ribbon Cut Mahogany with a custom-mixed stain the king size bed makes a stately presence in a room.  From the oxbow shape of the headboard and footboard to the ten inch high side rails one would certainly feel like royalty while lounging in the beautiful bed!


King-size Oxbow Bed