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Woods & Finishes

We use only the finest hardwoods in creating our art furniture.  Cherry, Walnut, and Tiger Maple are all harvested with ecologically sound methods here in the United States.  Our Mahogany comes only from a sustainable forest in Africa.  While these four woods are used in most of our pieces, we have also crafted commissioned work from Quartersawn White Oak, Ash, Birdseye Maple, and reclaimed woods.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a particular species of wood you would like used for your project.
All of our pieces are completed using hand-applied and hand-rubbed finishes.  Over the course of our twelve to sixteen step process your furniture undergoes a transformation.  When brought into the finishing studio the piece is a work of art exhibiting all the beauty wrought from a raw piece of wood by a  master craftsman.  After the finishing process is complete, that beauty has been shined and polished to reflect the glow inherent in the wood and is protected to last for the years to come.